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Foundation Focus Areas

RBC Children's Mental Health Project

The goal of the RBC Children’s Mental Health Project is to help children lead normal, productive lives and reduce the social and economic burden of mental illness. This initiative will provide funding to improve the health and well-being of children, educate and support family and caregivers, and increase public awareness of children’s mental health issues.

Grant Focus Areas

To concentrate our efforts and impact in the broad and complex mental health field, RBC Children's Mental Health Project will focus grants in two areas: 

Grant Guidelines

For both early intervention and public education, RBC will give preference to organizations that: 

  • Provide services and support in communities where RBC Wealth Management has a business presence;
  • Prevent and intercept mental illness symptoms through behavioral reconditioning;
  • Change mental and behavioral outcomes for children through effective programming;
  • Ensure access to mental health services and continuum of care through trusted resources;
  • Engage immigrant populations or at-risk youth;
  • Focus on outpatient evidence-based therapy, counseling and advocacy support for youth and families;
  • Have existing, successfully implemented programs with measurable results;
  • Offer public outreach and education.  

Applications and Deadlines

Learn more about our deadlines and how to apply. 

 Applications and deadlines


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Grant applications and deadlines

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