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Fiduciary Support

A Proven Process for Fiduciaries

Through an advisory relationship, our primary mission is to assist your organization in meeting your financial objectives and fiduciary obligations. Fiduciary liability arises when the process is not defined and/or is inconsistently applied.

RBC Wealth Management can significantly reduce the amount of time you spend fulfilling your fiduciary obligations — as well as help you minimize your legal liabilities as a fiduciary. Our organize – formalize – implement – monitor process is designed to assist you to:

  • Provide discipline
  • Remove emotion
  • Document decisions
  • Facilitate fiduciary obligation

Step One: Organize

Gather and analyze data about your organization and its portfolio, including any gaps in required documentation, such as the Investment Policy Statement (IPS). Educate investment committee on their fiduciary responsibilities.

Step Two: Formalize

Determine risk tolerance and time horizon. Assist with the preparation of an investment policy statement. Assist with the evaluation of investments, managers, and asset allocation based on the IPS.

Step Three: Implement

Execute plan according to IPS. Validate that assets are allocated appropriately. Communicate to organization that plan was executed.

Step Four: Monitor

Compile performance reports and compare to IPS. Analyze allocations, investments and managers, as well as organization goals, means and IPS. Present status toward IPS goals quarterly. Recommend changes, if necessary.

Retirement plan design

As a plan sponsor of your company retirement plan, we can help your plan satisfy the broad range of investment requirements for ERISA section 404(c), which provides plan sponsors with certain protections from legal liability regarding investment decisions made by participants. We can also provide information and recommendations on Qualified Default Investment Alternatives (QDIA), which can provide fiduciary protection to plan sponsors.


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