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Foundation Focus Areas

RBC Children's Mental Health Project - Public Education

There is significant stigma attached to mental illness, and this stigma tends to discourage individuals and families from seeking help. Increased understanding, awareness and education can go a long way toward reducing social stigma about children’s mental health issues.

Parents, caregivers, teachers and professionals who work with children can all benefit from increased education so they can recognize the early signs of mental illness and help or encourage the family to seek treatment from a health professional.

Children's mental health services may be obtained from a range of service providers, so parents need information and guidance on how to access the most appropriate services for their child.

Public Education Priorities

Through the RBC Children's Mental Health Project, we will support education programs that target:

  • Parents and caregivers: to educate parents on how to access appropriate services and effectively advocate for their children; 
  • Teachers and health care professionals: to educate teachers and health care professionals on how to identify the signs of mental health problems and learn how to take early action;
  • The public: to educate the public, including adults, youth and children on the nature and prevalence of children’s mental health issues and how to access help;
  • Awareness: to increase understanding and awareness and reduce the stigma attached to mental illness. 

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