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Diversity Network

A Valuable Resource: Leaders, Champions and Supporters

Diversity and inclusion is a priority across the entire Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) enterprise. Chaired by President and CEO Dave McKay, the ongoing commitment of the RBC Diversity Leadership Council is a clear sign of the importance placed on diversity at RBC.  Read McKay's Diversity Message (opens new window)

At RBC Wealth Management-U.S., leaders and employees at all levels are engaged in making diversity a value that defines our culture and drives our business.

  • Diversity Leadership Council: Twenty-one senior level leaders promote diversity and inclusion by helping manage change across the organization to ensure that we have the right tools, guidelines and systems in place. 
  • Diversity Advisory Council: Twelve Complex and Branch Directors across our national branch system provide recommendations on initiatives developed to support the field recruitment, retention and diverse client market efforts. 
  • The Office of Diversity: The Office of Diversity is headed by a senior-level individual who develops, manages and executes on our corporate diversity and inclusion strategy.

Employees with backgrounds from veterans to recent college graduates have access to professional development via online programs as well as those available from our employee resource groups.

Employee Resource Groups

Through our Employee Resource Groups (ERG), employees support and implement our corporate diversity and inclusion strategy. All employees are welcome and encouraged to join our employee resource groups.

Proud RBC Individuals for Diversity and Equality (PRIDE) helps provide a welcoming work environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) employees that allows each of them to reach their full potential.

Multicultural Employee Alliance (MEA) enhances the performance of RBC Wealth Management by promoting an environment that embraces employees of color and their communities. To foster a sense of inclusion and to cultivate stronger multicultural team alliances, our firm supports the organization of one ERG for persons of color.

Women’s Association of Financial Advisors (WAFA) helps recruit, retain and enhance the productivity of women financial advisors and branch directors.


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