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Family Inventory

Provide Key Information for Loved Ones - Just in Case

Picture albums help you reminisce about the important moments in your life. Sometimes they even help you remember events that may have slipped your mind. Since they help catalog a lifetime of memories in one convenient location many people enjoy keeping picture albums and sharing them with the people they care about.

Compared to all the wedding, vacation and “life milestone” photos, your personal records are equally valuable. Because your loved ones may someday need to access financial accounts, legal documents or medical information on your behalf, should a life changing event occur.

If you would like to help make it easier for the people in your life to locate and access this information, you may be interested in the RBC Wealth Management Family Inventory.

By filling out our handy workbook, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you have provided a critical guide for all the financial and health care information needed to ensure your wishes and responsibilities are resolved appropriately.

We have found that it is easier for people to work through these details and get organized before something unfortunate happens, than during a crisis when emotions are running high and the energy is not there to focus on financial implications.

Also, in many cases, resolving the financial affairs can be complicated. So the sooner you begin getting organized, the easier it will be should the time come to transition responsibilities.

To request your complimentary Family Inventory, please contact your RBC Wealth Management financial advisor or use the advisor locator tool to find an advisor near you.

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