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More Than a Century of Service

RBC Wealth Management has helped individuals, families, businesses and institutions accomplish their important financial goals for generations. Our friendly, clients-first culture is a reflection of our stewardship values. And we maintain a high degree of local autonomy as leading regional securities firms have combined over the years to become one of the most respected full-service investment firms in the United States.


Year Milestone
1858 Sutro & Co. founded in San Francisco, California
1870 Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) founded in Halifax, Nova Scotia
1892 Tucker Anthony founded in Boston, Massachusetts
1909 Kalman & Co. founded in St. Paul, Minnesota
1929 J.M. Dain & Co. founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota
1933 Rauscher Pierce & Co. founded in Dallas, Texas
1967 J.M. Dain & Co. merges with Kalman & Co. and Iowa-based Quail & Co. to form Dain, Kalman & Quail (DKQ)
1968 Rauscher Pierce & Co. merges with Phoenix, Arizona bond house Refsnes, Ely, Beck which operates as a subsidiary; later renamed Rauscher, Pierce Refsnes (RPR)
1970 DKQ acquires Minneapolis investment firm of Platt, Tschudy & Co., later renamed Investment Advisors, Inc. (sold in 1986)
1972 DKQ holds initial public offering of 250,000 shares
1973 DKQ acquires Bosworth, Sullivan of Denver, Colorado
1973 DKQ forms Inter-Regional Financial Group (IFG) as holding company
1978 Bosworth, Sullivan merges operations with DKQ
1979 DKQ is renamed Dain Bosworth, Inc (DBI)
1981 IFG acquires RPR and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange
1988 DBI acquires The Milwaukee Company
1989 RPR acquires Shatkin Lee Securities of Saint Louis, Missouri; later renamed RBC Correspondent Services
1991 Insight Investment Management, a new subsidiary, is created out of DBI’s Insight Bond Management
1994 DBI acquires Clayton Brown Holding Company, a Chicago-based bond house
1997 IFG changes name to Interra Financial
1998 Interra combines DBI and RPR into a single company and renames itself Dain Rauscher
1998 Dain Rauscher acquires Wessels, Arnold & Henderson
2000 Dain Rauscher agrees to be acquired by Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)
2000 Dain Rauscher acquires Voyageur Asset Management, which assumes operations of Insight Investment Management
2000 Tucker Anthony and Sutro & Company merge to form Tucker Anthony Sutro
2001 Dain Rauscher becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of RBC; changes name to RBC Dain Rauscher
2001 RBC Dain Rauscher acquires Tucker, Anthony Sutro (TAS)
2002 TAS merges operations with RBC Dain Rauscher
2003 RBC Dain Rauscher acquires First Institutional Securities and Jones & Babson
2004 RBC Dain Rauscher acquires William R. Hough & Co. of St. Petersburg, Florida
2007 RBC Dain Rauscher acquires JB Hanauer & Co. of Parsippany, New Jersey
2008 RBC Dain Rauscher acquires Ferris, Baker, Watts LLC of Baltimore, Maryland
2008 RBC Dain Rauscher merges with RBC Capital Markets, LLC to form a single RBC broker-dealer; RBC Dain Rauscher rebrands to RBC Wealth Management



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We have a long tradition of putting client interests first and being responsible stewards of the assets entrusted to our care.

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