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RBC Branch Sweep Program

Make Un-invested Cash Balances Work Harder

If you want your un-invested cash to earn a competitive rate backed by the strength and stability of Royal Bank of Canada, sweep your balances into interest-bearing deposit accounts at the Three World Financial Center Branch of Royal Bank of Canada in New York (the Branch). The RBC® Branch Sweep Program offers confidence, choice—and a competitive interest rate.

  • Confidence – benefit from knowing deposits are backed by the strength and stability of Royal Bank of Canada (opens new window), a global leader in diversified financial services.
  • Choice – use the un-insured RBC Branch Sweep Program in conjunction with the FDIC-insured RBC Bank Deposit Program, allowing you to maintain FDIC-insured cash balances, up to applicable FDIC limits, in the RBC Bank Deposit Program while receiving competitive interest rates in the un-insured RBC Branch Sweep Program.
  • Competitive – earn a competitive interest rate backed by the strength and stability of Royal Bank of Canada.

Plus, you can simplify your life by using the RBC Branch Sweep Program with an Investment Access® Account (opens new window) which allows you to access your deposit balance anytime, anywhere by writing checks or using your Visa® Platinum Debit Card.

What Are The Risks?

Funds on deposit at the Branch are not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) or any governmental agency of the United States, Canada or any other jurisdiction. The Deposit Accounts are obligations of the Branch only, and are not obligations of RBC Capital Markets, RBC Wealth Management or any of their other affiliates.

The payment of principal and interest on Deposit Accounts at the Branch is subject to the creditworthiness of Royal Bank. In the unlikely event of the failure of the Branch, RBC Branch Sweep Program participants will be a general unsecured creditor of Royal Bank.


Important disclosure information about RBC Branch Sweep Program (opens new window)


Expand your opportunities for un-invested cash

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