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Unleash Your Potential With Our Flexible Platform

As a successful wealth management professional, you have worked hard and built a business as unique as yourself. And by delivering exceptional service, you have developed a loyal clientele who depend on you as their trusted advisor.

However, you may have reached a point where you are asking yourself: “What’s next?” Depending on your situation, you may have outgrown your firm or perhaps lost confidence in the way it is being run. Given recent trends in our industry, you may even be thinking about changing your business model.

At RBC Wealth Management, we still encourage entrepreneurial spirit and advisor autonomy. What does this mean? Two fundamental principles. Your clients are your clients. And your business is your business.

As a top advisor, we invite you to grow your business by giving you the flexibility to choose from three different platforms for providing service. Regardless of which platform you choose, you and your clients will be affiliated with a firm dedicated to supporting and enhancing the important relationship you have with one another.

Which opportunity is the right fit for you?

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Private Client Group - Financial Advisor

Our traditional platform offers a high degree of autonomy to help you excel in the financial services industry. Run your business the way you want while experiencing essential support. This includes resources offered by your practice development to help you grow your business.

Our open architecture and lack of quotas means your clients will feel confident knowing your recommendations are truly independent and objective. We offer a broader range of solutions and a deep bench of specialists to assist you.

Let our dedicated transition team help you make the leap to a rewarding practice with RBC Wealth Management.

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Private Client Group - Financial Advisor Select

Are you a high achiever with a proven track record of success? The Financial Advisor Select program is designed to help you attain an even higher level of success and satisfaction, with the potential for more profits, more flexibility and more control.

Individuals who qualify for this program receive a greater share of revenues in return for taking on certain fixed and discretionary costs associated with running your business.

This unique platform offers qualified candidates some of the advantages of being independent without many of the administrative challenges of running your own business. You decide how to operate and allocate your resources on a day-to-day basis. At the same time, you benefit from the amenities of branch office support as well as RBC’s Wealth Management’s extensive global resources.

If you aspire to achieve a more rewarding practice, the Financial Advisor Select program may be the opportunity you are looking for. Utilizing our comprehensive transition program will help you and your clients navigate the process with ease.

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RBC Advisor Services

RBC Advisor Services is ideal for investment professionals with more than $100 million in assets who seek help starting their own RIA firm.

We are the only custodian to offer a full-service, turn-key system to help you and your clients streamline the process required to transition your business to operating as an SEC registered RIA.

We don’t simply give you a checklist and leave you to figure out the rest. We develop a comprehensive migration plan with a dedicated project manager to help you from start to finish-from SEC registration to business implementation.

We also are well suited for existing RIAs serving high net worth clients who desire a more comprehensive toolset and a higher level of service than they may be receiving from their discount brokerage custodian.

Visit (opens new window), the RBC Advisor Services website, for more information.


Accomplish your business goals

In addition to offering you choices for your practice, we help you gain access to a powerful practice management tool and an exclusive program to help you monetize your practice and truly “finish well” when you ultimately decide to leave the business. Contact your local branch director today.

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RBC is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity and inclusion. We are pleased to consider all qualified applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, protected veterans status or any other legally-protected factors.

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Strong leadership

Our executive team is dedicated to operational excellence, maintaining high ethical standards and corporate responsibility.

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