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Thriving Through Changing Markets

The Reality Of Uncertainty

Sometimes it feels like the markets are changing faster than the weather. So its easy to see why individual investors can be tempted to buy or sell according to their emotions in response to market activity.

One poorly timed purchase or sale can seriously damage your portfolio. Yet buy and hold strategies have limitations, too — especially when you are making withdrawals in a bear market.

Working with your RBC Wealth Management financial advisor, you have the advantage of an advocate who understands your circumstances and needs. A diversified portfolio is just one strategy to help protect your savings from the extreme highs and lows of market volatility. Your advisor will monitor the markets and make recommendations designed to help maintain the integrity of your investments.

Our advisors are supported by a team of nationally recognized analysts who provide ongoing in-depth research to inform their recommendations. You’ll benefit from an unbiased and independent perspective and professional guidance.

With RBC Wealth Management, you have access to a complete range of investment products. Your advisor can help you select appropriate investments for your portfolio according to your risk tolerance and time horizon to help provide ongoing risk management.

Your portfolio will undergo periodic review to assess performance and adjust according to your needs and the current market conditions. We can’t remove all the risk from investing, but we will pledge to be vigilant in safeguarding your assets.


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Sound risk management

See why our company has withstood many of the recent market shocks and pressures.

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