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RBC Express Credit

A Convenient Way To Borrow Money

RBC Express Credit provides access to cash based on the value of your eligible investment accounts. Rather than selling investments in your account or disrupting your investment strategy, RBC Express Credit allows you to borrow what you need when you need it. For example, you may consider using RBC Express Credit as a resource to:

  • Finance a major purchase such as a car or boat.
  • Arrange bridge or short-term financing to help with your cash flow.
  • Make additional investments in securities.
  • Fund home improvements.
  • Consolidate higher cost loans or credit cards.

Payment flexibility

With RBC Express Credit, you can pay off your balance when it’s best for you. Your balance increases as interest is charged to your account and you set your own repayment terms.


RBC Express Credit is the quickest, easiest way to access funds at RBC Wealth Management. There are no applications, processing delays or closing costs and credit history is not reviewed. After signing the RBC Express Credit Agreement, you can simply call to make arrangements to receive the funds you need.


Explore your credit options

Ask your financial advisor about solutions to help meet your credit needs.


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