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Looking Out for Your Family

Helping With Peace Of Mind Through Financial Protection

There are few guarantees in life. Fortunately there are financial strategies that can help you prepare for unexpected events such as a change in income or health. Your financial advisor can help you implement safeguards to lessen the financial impact of life’s surprises.

For peace of mind, you’ll want to consider life insurance in an amount that will help provide for the financial needs of your loved ones, should something happen to you, your spouse or anyone else your family depends upon. In addition to providing financial protection for your beneficiaries, life insurance that includes a cash value component can be used to help:

  • Provide money for a child’s education.
  • Accumulate additional capital to buy a business, second home or other significant purchase.
  • Supplement retirement income.
  • Pay taxes or other costs incurred at death as part of an estate plan.

If you have an existing policy, RBC Wealth Management has resources that provide an objective, no-cost, no-obligation review of your coverage. Together with our internal experts, your financial advisor will review your policy to help ensure it is adequate to meet your needs and overall financial goals.

You may also want to expand your wealth management plan to include other insurances, such as a disability plan that can replace income and a long-term care plan to help cover the cost of placement in an assisted living or nursing facility. Annuities are insurance products that can help you create income streams in retirement or enhance your estate plan.

Your financial advisor can discuss the annuities available through RBC Wealth Management and provide recommendations based on your long-term financial goals, risk tolerance and unique situation.


Review your insurance needs

Your insurance needs will change over time. Your financial advisor can help you review your insurance policies to ensure that your coverage fits your lifestyle.

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Protect your estate

Estate planning can help ensure your assets are transferred according to your wishes.

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