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RBC Wealth Management Employees Clean the Minneapolis Chain of Lakes for RBC Blue Water Day

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., (June 5, 2015) – 130 employees at Minneapolis-based RBC Wealth Management-U.S embarked on a two-hour canoe expedition on June 4 to clean up the Minneapolis Chain of Lakes in an effort to help preserve one of the region’s important natural resources, in honor of RBC Blue Water Day.

The clean-up, orchestrated in partnership with Minneapolis non-profit Wilderness Inquiry, is part of RBC Blue Water Day, for which RBC employees around the world show their support for clean water by wearing blue and taking part in community events designed to protect and preserve nature’s most valuable resource – water. The RBC Blue Water Project is a wide-ranging, multi-year program to help foster a culture of water stewardship though a 10-year, $50 million grant program.

"Water is our most precious natural resource, and we know that industry, government, business and individuals can all play a part in watershed protection,” said John Taft, CEO of RBC Wealth Management – U.S. "We are pleased to work with Wilderness Inquiry to preserve and protect the Minneapolis Chain of Lakes, an important natural resource in Minneapolis."

According to a recent report from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, water in Minnesota is growing increasingly poor and the health of waterways in the southern part of the state are particularly concerning.

In 2014, RBC Foundation-USA awarded a $300,000, three-year grant to Wilderness Inquiry in support of their Urban Wilderness Canoe Adventures (UWCA) and Canoemobile programs. This grant furthers the company’s commitment to both urban youth and the environment. RBC and Wilderness Inquiry share a common commitment to natural resources in the U.S. and to young people.

About the RBC Blue Water Project
The RBC Blue Water Project is a historic, wide-ranging, 10-year global commitment to help protect the world’s most precious natural resource: fresh water. Since 2007, RBC has pledged nearly C$44 million to more than 740 charitable organizations worldwide that protect watersheds and promote access to clean drinking water, with an additional $8.8 million pledged to universities for water programs.

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About RBC Wealth Management – U.S.
In the United States, RBC Wealth Management operates as a division of RBC Capital Markets, LLC. Founded in 1909, RBC Capital Markets, LLC. is a member of the New York Stock Exchange, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, the Securities Investor Protection Corporation, and other major securities exchanges. RBC Wealth Management has $270 billion in total client assets with 1,900 financial advisors operating in 200 locations in 41 states.

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