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John Taft Named One of the Top 25 Most Influential by Investment Advisor

This marks RBC Wealth Management-U.S. CEO's Debut on the Annual List

MINNEAPOLIS (May 3, 2013) – Investment Advisor, a leading financial trade publication, recently recognized John Taft, CEO, RBC Wealth Management-U.S., as one of the top 25 most influential individuals in the industry. This is Taft’s first time on this annual list that recognizes individuals in areas of creativity, success, impact, advocacy and going beyond their business to make a difference.

With the release of Taft’s book, “Stewardship: Lessons Learned from the Lost Culture of Wall Street,” he became a voice in the industry on corporate responsibility toward clients and shareholders. That message has expanded beyond Wall Street to the environment with Taft’s role as spokesperson for the RBC Blue Water Project™ and encouraging stewardship and sustainability in the U.S.

“John has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to stewardship and continues to be a great example to all in our industry,” said George Lewis, Group Head, RBC Wealth Management and Insurance.

In Taft’s Investment Advisor profile, he acknowledges the challenges of regulatory reform and the industry evolution from “product specialists to holistic wealth management.” He also calls for stewardship within the industry. “Stewardship is a higher standard even than fiduciary. It means thinking about others, i.e., your clients, in everything you do.”

John’s message has been heard across the U.S. through presentations and appearances in major media including CNBC, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal and Barron’s. He has also authored articles for major media as well as a blog that consistently appears in the Huffington Post and the Harvard Business Review.

About RBC Wealth Management – U.S.
In the United States, RBC Wealth Management operates as a division of RBC Capital Markets, LLC. Founded in 1909, RBC Capital Markets, LLC. is a member of the New York Stock Exchange, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, the Securities Investor Protection Corporation, and other major securities exchanges. RBC Wealth Management has more than $235 billion of assets under administration and nearly 2,000 financial advisors operating in 200 locations in 42 states.


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