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RBC Emerging Artists Project

RBC believes in the power of arts to enrich our lives and enhance our communities. In supporting the RBC Emerging Artists Project, we aim to partner with organizations whose programs bridge the gap from academic excellence to professional careers in all aspects of the arts. Grants are intended to support programs and initiatives that:

  • Support artists at an early stage in their careers who have completed their basic educational training and have created a modest independent body of work;
  • Are ongoing and sustainable (not one-time events);
  • Educate and raise awareness about the importance of the arts in our communities;
  • Provide emerging artists the opportunity to demonstrate their talent publicly through performance or exhibition and/or to provide connections to professional contacts including agents, publishers, etc.

Grant Criteria

Preference will be given to proposals that:

  • Provide a clear understanding of the emerging artist selection process (audition or jury) and the relevant geographic scope;
  • Demonstrate a clear evaluation process for reporting to RBC;
  • Involve collaboration with people and organizations that are supporting a similar form or group of artists.

Program Grants

The RBC Emerging Artists Project offers support to apprentice programs that:

  • Provide a structured curriculum of mentorship and training, typically for a period of three to six months, although shorter, more intensive programming may be considered;
  • Provide an opportunity for interaction between the professional staff, visiting artists and the Emerging Artists;
  • Serve as a bridge between senior academic programs and the professional world;
  • Engage the broader community in the art form through free performances or programming to underserviced communities.

Award Grants

The RBC Emerging Artists Project offers support to organizations that provide Emerging Artists awards that:

  • Are part of an overall program dedicated to supporting apprentices and pre-professional artists;
  • Have impact other than cash prize (e.g. requirement that funds are used to travel for research purposes, to work as an apprentice or with a mentor);
  • Recognize artists at an early stage in their artistic career who are dedicated to the professional practice of their art, as evidenced by a significant investment of time and resources;
  • Open new and expanded avenues for arts and artists. 

Applications and Deadlines

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Grant applications and deadlines

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