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Client Satisfaction

The Relationship Makes All The Difference

Overwhelmingly, our clients appreciate working with us. When asked about the top reasons for staying with RBC Wealth Management, 83 percent of clients point to their relationship with their advisor (1). As a client, you too will appreciate the expertise of a knowledgeable financial advisor who is interested in your needs and life circumstances and is dedicated to helping you reach your goals.

Our financial advisors can help you simplify your life with solutions that allow you to build, preserve, enjoy and share your wealth on your terms. Learn more about the ways our advisors have helped clients like you achieve important life goals through real stories from advisors in the field.

Taking care of family business

The Reynolds family(2) - parents in their 90s and their adult children - turned to RBC Wealth Management for investment advice regarding assets generated by a successful family business.

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Passing wealth to adult children

Jean(2) came to RBC Wealth Management as a knowledgeable, successful investor who liked to take an active role in the management of her investment portfolio. One of her immediate financial goals was to gift money to her adult children and their families so that she could see them enjoy it. In addition, she wanted to be thoughtful in her plan to give her children more money at death.

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Finding credit for a vacation home

Nancy(2), an RBC Wealth Management client in her mid-forties, wanted to take advantage of the drop in real estate prices to purchase a beautiful vacation property in Cape Cod.

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Plan your future

Your financial advisor will work closely with you to determine where you stand now and where you want to be in the future.

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(1) 2010 Client Survey; n=1,167

(2) Though the names are fictional to maintain client privacy, these are truthful depictions of real client stories.

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Great chemistry

Find a financial advisor who provides expertise and comfortable compatibility to help you plan and manage your finances.

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