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RBC Cash Plus Interest Rates

Rates as of November 8, 2019

Value of Total Bank Sweep Balances(1,3,4)

From To   APY2
$5 million and above 0.45%
$2 million $4,999,999 0.35%
$1 million $1,999,999 0.30%  
$500,000 $999,999 0.20%
$250,000 $499,999   0.15%
$100,000 $249,999 0.10%
$0 $99,999 0.10%

1 Clients with household assets with RBC Wealth Management in excess of $10 million will be assigned to the highest four interest rate tiers only based on Total Bank Sweep Balances.

2 Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is variable and subject to change at any time without notice.

3 Interest rate tiers are based upon value of total deposit balances (“Total Bank Sweep Balances”) in your household. For more information on how household and Total Bank Sweep Balance(s) are determined, please see the RBC Cash Plus Terms and Conditions.

4 Employees of RBC Capital Markets and its affiliates who hold Accounts at RBC Capital Markets, LLC are eligible for the highest interest rate tier of RBC Cash Plus.

In determining household assets and Total Bank Sweep Balance values, RBC Wealth Management looks at multiple pieces of client information, including street address, tax ID, last name, telephone number, zip code and account type to determine which accounts belong together. RBC Wealth Management reserves the right to modify how it links household accounts and the right to amend the definition of eligible assets.