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Making Gifts in Your Lifetime

Tax-Advantaged — And Personally Satisfying

If you wish to help others with gifts of cash or assets, you can make tax-saving transfers in your lifetime rather than at your passing. A well-planned program of lifetime gifts to family, friends and charity can save estate and gift taxes and preserve more of your assets for your family and other heirs. When you give these gifts while you are living, you are able to see and enjoy the results of your generosity.

Your RBC Wealth Management financial advisor can help you consider your goals and recommend strategies for lifetime giving, including how to:

  • Make annual gifts of cash or assets.
  • Give in lump sums.
  • Provide unlimited medical and tuition payments when paid directly to the institution.
  • Transfer assets to minors.
  • Benefit from various types of charitable giving.

Plan your giving

Receive guidance regarding strategies for making financial gifts during your lifetime.

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Professional collaboration

Your financial advisor will work with your accountant, tax preparer and lawyer as needed to ensure your needs are met.


Consider a trust

You may want to consider a trust that allows you to distribute gifts to children or grandchildren and maintain a degree of control.

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