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Working On Your Behalf

Be Empowered To Reach Your Financial Goals

Our clients benefit from the support of a financial advocate dedicated to helping them achieve their goals. And because of our holistic approach to managing wealth, it’s not unusual for them to refer their advisor to family and friends.


A sound choice

You have many choices when it comes to selecting a financial services partner. See what sets RBC Wealth Management apart from the rest.

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Getting to know you and your dreams

At RBC Wealth Management, we deliver our services on a personal level, in the context of a one-on-one relationship with an experienced financial advisor.

Your financial advisor begins by establishing rapport; taking the time to understand you and your goals, earning your trust and confidence and demonstrating his or her ongoing commitment to your financial wellbeing.

A personalized plan

From this collaboration, your financial advisor will develop a clear and tangible roadmap that reflects your desires and circumstances. Your personalized plan will be flexible to respond to your changing needs.

You benefit from the insights and expertise of a professional - someone who can help you articulate your goals and move from planning to action - backed by the resources you can expect from a full-service investment, advisory and wealth management firm.

Your financial advisor will be available to help you:

  • Select from a global network of world-class solutions to address your specific goals.
  • Review your portfolio and overall wealth management plan on a regular basis, or more frequently as conditions dictate.
  • Help you manage your wealth according to your wishes.
  • Provide sound consultation and recommendations regarding your investments.

Your financial advisor will periodically assess your plan, make adjustments where necessary and help you stay on track so when the future arrives, you’ll be in a place you feel good about.


Find your financial advocate

As a client, you benefit from a relationship that provides insightful financial expertise and personal guidance to help you reach your goals.

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    Deep resources

    Your financial advisor has access to leading-edge market research and a highly skilled team of multidisciplinary experts in our global network.

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